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Screenshosts of Vendetta Online
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
Description of Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)


Vendetta Online is a free, graphically intensive and cross-platform MMORPG set in space. Players take the role of spaceship pilots in a vast, persistent online galaxy. Trade between stations and build an empire, or pirate traders who dare to pursue routes through areas of lawless space. Fight other players, or cooperate with friends to push back the mysterious Hive. Mine ores and minerals, gather resources, and craft unusual items. Join the military of your nation, and participate in massive online battles (see the trailer). A wide variety of gameplay styles are available, from the the intensity of huge battles and realtime PvP, to the low-key enjoyment of quiet trading and mining in less dangerous areas of the galaxy. Play the style of game that suits you, or that suits your current mood. The availability of relatively casual and short-term goals allows for fun when only a little time is available to play.

Vendetta Online is free-to-play on Android, with no level caps. An optional low subscription cost of only $1 per month allows access to large Capital Ship construction. The Android version includes several helpful features:

- Single-Player mode: after completing the tutorial, a single-player sandbox sector becomes available, letting you perfect your flying technique and enjoy minigames while offline.
- Game controllers, TV Mode: use your favorite gamepad to play, Moga, Nyko, PS3, Xbox, Logitech and others. Gamepad-oriented "TV Mode" is enabled on micro-console and set-top box devices like AndroidTV.
- Keyboard and Mouse support (with FPS-style mouse capture on Android).

Additionally, be aware of the following:

- Free download, no strings attached.. find out if the game is for you.
- Seamlessly switch between mobile and PC! Play the game on your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine when at home. Single universe for all platforms.

System Requirements:

- Dual-core 1Ghz+ ARMv7 device, running Android 5 or better, with an ES 2.x compliant GPU (a modern multi-core device with an ES 3.x GPU is recommended).
- 600MB of free SD space recommended. The game may use about 500MB, but patches itself, so additional free space is advised.
- 1GB of device RAM memory. This is a graphically intensive game! Anything less may experience force-closes, and is at your own risk.
- We suggest installing over Wifi (for the large download), but playing the game should use relatively little bandwidth, and works well over most 3G networks. You are responsible for monitoring your own bandwidth usage.
- If you experience a problem, please post to our forums so we can get more information from you. We fix issues as soon as possible, but we simply do not have *every* phone.

Caveats and Additional Information:

- The hardware intensity of this game often exposes device driver issues that remain hidden with other apps. If your device itself crashes and reboots, it is a driver bug! Not the game!
- This is a large and complex game, a true PC-style MMO. Do not expect a "mobile" game experience. If you take a little time to read the tutorials, you will succeed at the game much more quickly.
- The tablet and handset flight interfaces may take a little time to learn, although they are effective with some experience. The flight UI will be continually improved as we receive user feedback. Keyboard play can also be very effective.
- We are a continually evolving game, often with patches released weekly. Our users are encouraged to help the game development process by posting to the Suggestions and Android forums of our website.

Version history Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.571
- Uses an experimental multi-threaded loading system, to improve startup performance.
- First-time game startup has been experimentally simplified, solely for new users.
- Streamlining of initial game tutorials: some changed, some removed.
- Added progressive blinking dots under the loading progress bar: shows app is not frozen, if loading is slow.
- Internal analytics improvements, to measure slow-startup problems.
- Loads less data on startup, to improve startup times.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.568
- Improvements to game performance defaults, based on player feedback.
- Technical enhancements to game startup and early tutorials.
- Additional "Corporate Sector Run" race, now on Saturdays at both 9am UTC and 9pm UTC.
- Many changes to the dynamic economy and Hive drops.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.567
- Touch flight controls and input have been completely revamped and improved.
- Dynamic lights and shadows are now enabled on ES3 devices, by default.
- Capital Ships may now direct turret fire onto a single target.
- Many other changes, tweaks and fixes.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.564
- Changes to further streamline the new user experience.
- Remote capships can now be commanded to "Follow" the capship Owner across sectors.
- New mineable Ore: "Sammic".
- Cross-Galaxy Teleportation for members of the Serco and Itani Militaries.
- Fixed issue with joystick axis binds not properly updating.
- Other bugfixes.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.561
A few notable changes include:
- Streamlined new player process on first run.
- Automatic cargo tractor beam allows easier pickup of nearby crates.
- Trident and Goliath-class capships now include scanners for cargo, addons, and asteroid temperature and mineral content.
- Guild Voting notification system for council members, and other changes to Guild Voting.
- Instant Notification system for station key owners.
See vendetta-online.com for more
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.554
A large number of gameplay, universe, and economic changes have been made since the last release, which exceeds what can be written here.
A few notable changes include:
- Lite Members now gain access to build and use Goliath-class capital ships, and retain 50% higher daily crystal limits from bots.
- All players may construct Capital Ship components, but final assembly and usage is limited by membership tier.
- Re-synchronized game assets from 1.8.535 to 1.8.554.
See vendetta-online.com for more
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.535
- Added support for mouse capture on devices running Android 8 and above. A Play Store App update is required to fully enable the feature.
- Chromebook support has been added, with the latest Play Store app version. Please report any issues on the Bug forum.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.523
Updates for Android 11.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.521
- New badges!
- Improved performance.
- Dynamic economy has been expanded from Latos N-2, to now include all of Latos (C-2, N-15).
- Added experimental chat abuse reporting tool. Type /report "character name" to open the UI to select the offending text and category to submit it for administrative review.
- Corporate Sector Run race takes place on Saturdays @ 4pm Central time.
- Added colors to sectors occupied with Milanar, Siepos, Prosus hive bots in the navmap.
- Bug fixes.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.505
Added new "Streaming Mode" to game network protocol, drastically reducing the loading time of complex sectors.
Fixed network protocol error when attempting to log in on first run.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.501
Fixed issue with pausing when starting the app.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.497
Updates for Android 9.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.494
Removed graphics driver warning for certain Mali-based devices.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.486
- Improved performance with new ES3 renderer, multi-threading (Android 6.0+), existing users must enable in Options, Advanced, Video, Change Driver.
- Reworked code to reduce Permission requirements, will now only request permissions when needed.
- Added dynamic lighting and shadow support with ES3 renderer (disabled by default).
- Fixed issues with Android 4.4 devices.
- Fixed many other bugs, crashes, and further enhancements.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.464
- Fixed issue with in-app purchases on Android 4.4
- Updated assets and Flurry library.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.431
- Tilt calibration menu now displays the current tilt angle to help explain what it's doing.- Updated Training IV Station Interface tutorial to refer to swiping on touchscreen devices using Condensed UI mode.- In-App Purchasable item descriptions can now be canceled immediately instead of proceeding to the Play Store.- The exit nav point in Training Sectors no longer chooses a point behind the large station asteroid.- Added a Show Password toggle in the account conversion menu.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.429
- Items and Ships that are visible in the station menu, but not purchasable by the user, will now provide a more detailed explanation of their purchase requirements.- Added more hulk and space-junk assets, not yet released into the demonstration sector.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.428
- Bug fixes.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.425
- Fix for Samsung Galaxy S8 and other Galaxy devices running Android 7.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.424
Bug/crash fixes.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.423
Bug fixes, optimizations.
New in Vendetta Online 1.8.422
- Removed notification saying Vendetta is running in the background.- New Centaur, Ragnarok, Hornet graphical ship assets.- Misc bug fixes.
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